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Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

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Yoga Practice
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As a devotee of yoga, Rathana Ung takes care to engage in the practice on a daily basis. With video guidance, Rathana Ung lets yoga relax and ground her in her life.

The concept of starting a yoga practice can be intimidating for beginners, particularly if they have not yet found a class that is truly appropriate for them. Beginners can benefit immensely from finding a yoga workshop that teaches not only the basic poses but also how to perform them safely and effectively. In some studios, new practitioners can purchase a trial pass that makes the process more affordable.

Once a new practitioner has found a yoga studio and learned the basic techniques, he or she can bring it into a daily routine. This typically starts with the selection of a convenient time, when the practitioner can consistently do the poses and make a commitment to do so regularly. For many, this is early morning, as the mind is less burdened and the practitioner often has not yet eaten.

Experts also suggest that the practitioner find a dedicated space in the home that feels positive, relaxing, and free from distractions. This does not need to be a separate room, but it should be quiet and private for the extent of the session.

The new practitioner must also commit to self-compassion and gentleness as he or she establishes a practice. Many beginners force themselves to try overly difficult poses, and they feel discouraged when progress is slow, which only serves to undo the relaxation inherent in yoga itself. By respecting the body’s limits and appreciating what it can do, the practitioner can establish yoga as a friendly and welcome part of the day.