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Yoga as a Stress and Anxiety Reducer


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Image: Yogajournal.com

With a passion for charity work, Rathana Ung was involved in building over 400 homes in Cambodia with her friends and family. A number of the homes’ recipients were sleeping on dirt floors, under trees, or in shacks before they were given these permanent domiciles. During her spare time, Rathana Ung enjoys practicing yoga to relax.

Yoga provides several benefits to brain function and mental health. One of the most well-known ways yoga can support a person’s well-being is by reducing stress and anxiety. With the less rapid breathing, lower heart rate, and lower blood pressure that active yogis typically experience, yoga acts as a de-stressor that can substantially reduce overall levels of anxiety.

Although any type of exercise can release feel good neurotransmitters, yoga is one of the most research-proven ways to increase GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels. GABA is one of the main inhibitory neurotransmitters. Basically, GABA slows brain activity and allows a person to relax. Reduced levels can cause a person to experience stress or become anxious. By engaging in yoga for just one hour, GABA levels can increase by as much as 27 percent.