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Three US Travel Destinations for Foodies

Louisiana Food



Rathana Ung loves to cook, and often has her eye on everything from Asian dishes to traditional American fare in the kitchen, including the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. On top of this passion for finding and creating new dishes, Rathana Ung loves to travel to new places and discover local cuisine she can prepare at home. The United States is a treasure trove of foodie capitals, and the three cities below each have their own distinct feeling.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana. There are few places in the United States so distinct in local flavors and traditions as this famed Mardi Gras city. While small, it offers traditional Cajun and creole fare, from po’boys and gumbo to beignets and the classic Sazerac cocktail. It even boasts a food museum, which, of course, allows alcoholic beverages to be enjoyed during tours.

2. Portland, Oregon. If fresh and organic food is the preferred menu, Portland should be the first stop. From fine dining to entire city blocks covered in food trucks, the city places locally grown ingredients and creative cooking methods at the top of the list. Don’t forget the dozens of gourmet coffee shops.

3. New York City. Boasting over 45,000 restaurants, it’s hard to make a list of great culinary cities without including this giant. With cheap pizza dives offering some of the best pie in the 50 states, to fine French meals setting patrons back over $1,000 a person, the city can offer up anything a visitor can fathom.