The Path to Adele’s First Recording Contract




Rathana Ung enjoys meeting and helping elderly individuals and other people who are less fortunate than herself. She is active with charity work, and helped develop a water system in a village in Cambodia so women and children no longer had to walk miles just to get fresh drinking water. When she is away from her charity work, Rathana Ung enjoys listening to Adele.

Grammy Award-winning singer Adele is best known for her songs Rolling in the Deep, Hello, and Someone Like You. As a young teen, her mother always encouraged her never to focus too much on a single pursuit, but rather to explore different opportunities. Adele’s passion for music came about early in her life.

Adele was enrolled in the alternative BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, as a traditional classroom setting didn’t suit her learning style. While she attended the school, she cut a three-track demo as one of her class projects, which led to it being posted on her MySpace social media account. Not long after this the three-track demo was heard by executives at XL Recordings. The recording company personally contacted Adele, and within just four short months she not only graduated from school but had also signed a record deal.


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